This is the official site of the Silent Sabotuers

The Silent Sabotuers are an independent hip hop group composed of Kumpas, Ed Text and Noby One. The Sabs have been crafting their art for over a decade and have established a sound that is uniquely Sab.

Although Bozeman, MT is the group's original birth place, they are now spread between Minnesota and Montana. The Sil Sabs continue to make music together despite the geographical barriers and are as productive and innovative as ever. What's next? Who knows. One thing is for sure, Sabs will forever Sabotage Silence.

    The 144 Hour Day

The Silent Sabotuers are working on a set of conceptual EP's dubbed the Sabby P Series. Check out Volume I, 144 Hour Day and Volume II, Winter Shivers at your favorite digital outlet or our online store.


MC/Producer Kumpas, MC Ed Text, &
DJ/MC/Producer Nobyone are The Silent Sabs.